Why the FARROP?

As a new teacher, I was always wondering if what I was doing was correct, whether it was improving student learning, and how I could become a better teacher. I had a wonderful mentor teacher who came into my classroom and gave some feedback about practices and structures, but she was a French teacher and could not give content related advice on ELA or Theatre. The idea of peer assessment has long been part of formative assessment practices for students, but the FARROP gives us the opportunity to put it into practice for teachers. The FARROP rubrics give us specific look-fors that we can use to assess our own practice, give feedback on peers’, and set goals to improve. Teacher peer feedback can transform practice, improve collegiality, and even change school culture.

So in essence, I love the FARROP and focus so much time and learning on it because it can give teachers the opportunity that I and many of my colleagues never had. The opportunity to receive specific, timely, actionable feedback from someone who understands the specific context in which I teach. Enjoy, and please give feedback!



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