Dimension 0: Learning Progressions

Learning progressions are “indications of the stages through which students typically progress in reaching an understanding of a big idea.” (Embedding Formative Assessment)

According to Popham (2014) “In plain language, a learning progression is an ordered sequence of the stuff a student must learn in order to achieve a significant curricular outcome.” (p. 300). The learning progression includes the building blocks that students must master in order to reach this significant curricular outcome. The benefit of a learning progression is that it provides guidance for how to make progress in learning.

Typically, learning progressions are constructed on the basis of some sort of backward analysis. An educator first identifies a significant curricular aim and then asks, “What does a student need to know or be able to do to master this aim?” The educator identifies one necessary building block and then asks, “What does a student need to know or be able to do to master this building block?” This sort of backward analysis can isolate the key tasks a student must accomplish on the way to mastery. (The Lowdown on Learning Progressions)

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