Dimension IV: Questioning Strategies to Elicit Evidence of Learning

This dimension focuses on one approach teachers can use to collect evidence of student progress: classroom questioning. Research indicates that teachers who use a range of questioning strategies to collect relevant evidence of student understanding and/or progress toward the learning goals are able to make appropriate instructional adjustments to meet the needs of more students, more often.

The intent is to collect evidence from more students, more often, and more systematically (by collecting from most or all students). Teachers can accomplish this through the use of all-student responses systems that require everyone in the class to respond to a question or by first asking a question and then randomly selecting a student to respond. This is contrasted with practice in which teachers ask questions to only a few interested students and then answer their own questions rather than letting the students respond, or when teachers ask questions that limit student thinking. 

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Download the PDF of Questioning Strategies That Elicit Evidence of Student Learning or preview pictures below.

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