Dimension III: Tasks and Activities that Elicit Evidence of Student Learning

The focus of this dimension is on those things with which students engage that potentially produce evidence of student learning (except classroom discussions).
Research indicates that student learning improves when teachers have
rich evidence of student learning and make instructional adjustments based on that evidence.

Teachers need to use a range of tasks and activities to collect relevant and sufficient evidence of student understanding and/or progress toward the learning goals. When students are engaged in tasks and activities that are aligned with the learning goals (on their own, with another student, or in a small group), the work products provide evidence of student understanding.

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In order for a task to be effective, students need to have access to appropriate support from either the teacher or from their peers to complete the task. In addition, the teacher needs to have a mechanism for synthesizing evidence from across the class, whether through a formal review process or through an informal on-the-fly review.

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